A stroll in the cemetery!

Most people are afraid to take a stroll through a cemetery, but not us. Then again, it was late afternoon and nowhere near dark. But on these hot blistering days in the mid west, what else is there to do to get out of the house. With great joy and excitement, Dawn agreed to a new challenge for adding to the scavenger hunt. I think we want to reach the next level pretty soon, so we ventured out to a cemetery that we had been to before. This time alone, and with the heat, was sure that no one would see us out in the open like that.

It was late afternoon; both of us had finished work for the day so we ventured out. We drove about 30 minutes to find the place, although not hard to find as it is in a pretty open area.

Once there we made our way around the small cemetery and clicked our first photo.

Wouldn’t you know it, a car drove by on the main road just as we took the first photo! But once they were gone, a quick suggestion led to the first flash.

We then walked around some and found a nice place for dawn to take a quick seat. Since she was wearing nothing, it lead to another quick peek at the fun still to cum… hehehe, word usage..

Well with that out of the way, it was a simple slip of the dress and then a great shadowed sun shot that we shared with Sinful Sunday called “In the Sun!!” but will share again here.

With that I could take it no longer. I pressed Dawn to the headstone and quickly entered her from behind. The loud groans where only masked by the singing crickets in the distance.

That was awesome.

Dawn then quickly dressed as I slid back into my shorts. Where to next time? To soon to tell, but hopefully we will venture out again this weekend.

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Storyboard – Mark Returns Chapter 2

Chapter 2

She awoke to her husband sucking on her breasts. He was slowly sucking and drawing her nipple deep into his mouth. Dawn moaned in pleasure as the heat inside her started to ignite again. She could feel her juices started to flow and the cum from both herself and Mark started to leak out of her pussy.  She moved her legs apart and Mark reached down and slide a finger inside of her. She sucked in her breath as his fingers filled her up. With Mark sucking on her tit and finger fucking her, she rocked her hips in motion with his hands. She could feel her orgasm growing and Mark suddenly stopped preventing her from reaching climax.

He then got up and went to his dresser. He returned a moment later. She willing lifted her head and allowed Mark to Place her collar around her neck. He then placed the rope bounds around her wrists through the bed post securing her from getting him. Next he took the other robes and slide Dawn’s legs apart. He fastened them near her knees holding her legs apart and tethered them to the headboard almost like sitting in the medical office for an exam. She was spread wide exposing her ass and pussy as she was on her back. Strung out ready for an exam he was sure to give her.

Mark next left the room. She did not call out knowing he would be back quickly and he was. When he returned, he held a roll of duct tape in his hands. He ripped off a piece and placed it over her mouth. She knew it would hurt a little later, but she was loving the bondage she was getting. He then pulled out small thin long strips. He took a strip and securely wrapped it around the base of her left tit forcing it into a tight ball. He replicated the process on her right tit. He nipples stood out like small buds due to the desire deep inside her. She wanted to please Mark, and he was for sure pleasing her.  The last thing that Dawn saw was the bag being wrapped over her head to prevent her from seeing the sexual attack he was about to put her through.

The soft sting from the whip was enough to keep her slightly tense. He landed it square on her pussy lips and clit since her legs were pulled apart. He then repeated it several times solely on her pussy. She tried to count but stopped after ten strikes.

He then began the assault on her tits. Alternating between the left and right. They were hard whips, leaving no doubt that he wanted to see her welt up a little and the shine of red coming from them. She tried to scream out but was muffled by the tape gag. She started to dry a little, and hoped that it would end soon.

He then moved around on the bed and got up for a moment. Dawn could feel him return. This time his assault was softer. She could feel the firmness of her dildo as Mark slide the rubber dong into her cunt. She heard the sound of her egg and then felt its cold metal as it was placed against her clit. The hornynes the was losing from the pain of the whip quickly built back up as the vibrating egg sent ripples throughout her body and the dildo inside her filled her up.

Mark slid the dildo in and out of her with slow smooth strokes building her intensity faster and faster.  She tried to cry out she was close but the tape prevented it. The egg and dong was to much and she exploded in an orgasm. With her legs pulled apart she could not prevent the juices flowing out of her in full stream and she pissed herself a little. If she could think straight, she would know that Mark was smiling ear to ear.

He kept the egg firmly planted on top of her clit extending her climax. Mark removed the fake dildo and replaced it with his own.  She could feel him on top of her as he sucked on her nipples hard, holding the egg in place and slamming his hard cock deep inside her. She kept on cumming.

Suddenly without warning he stopped. He pulled his cock out and removed the egg. She slowly started to return to normal as her climax ended. She then felt the fake dildo being re-inserted inside her pussy. Just then she realized what was happening. Mark took his still hard cock and pushed it against her anus. He applied more pressure and with her strength gone from cumming, she could not stop his anal probe. He pushed in hard and entered her ass, not slow, but not fast just steady pressure as he entered her. The dildo stuffing her pussy made it feel as if she was completely stuffed.

Marks rhythm picked up as he fucked her ass faster and faster. His own body holding the dildo in her cunt. He was sucking hard on her nipples. She was in pain, she was in pleasure, and she exploded in yet anther powerful orgasm. She cam so hard, she pissed herself hard all over the dildo, and Marks cock below. As she was cumming Mark sent his own hot cum deep her ass.

After Mark caught his breath, he removed the bag from her head, and tried to be gentle removing her tape gag. She was covered in cum and piss and for once did not care. He slowly removed the tape from her nipples and undid her rope bounds. She moved up against him now laying next to her as she drifted back to sleep.

Looking at the car wash

Our first submission for Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to Dee  for the inspiration on Scavenger Hunt.

We are so excited to join this ranks and offer some great submissions.

Our first one will be car wash.

The other day, we of course needed to take a trip through the car wash due to one of our many adventures. Of course we will post them here for you all to see later. But for now, wanted to join in our first ever , ” Hey Hon, Grab he camera out of the glove box.”
A couple of snaps later, and a quick dip in the honey hole, and we were ready to race home for some more private action.

Had to wait for the suds level to get in our shots.

And once we were covered with soap, the snaps began.

Thanks Dawn for the show and we will continue sharing our stories and pictures with everyone else!

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Storyboard – Mark Returns Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Dawn did not know what to expect. Mark had been gone a long time. Her last note from him was simple.

“Wear your skirt, bra, and loose blouse. Nothing else.”

She had dressed as directed and waited for his arrival. Mark pulled up in a cab near the expected time. She watched out the window as he unloaded his bags and slowly walked to the front door. She greeted him with a deep welcoming kiss and he returned it, sliding first their lips firmly against each other, and then their tongues traced each other. Marks kiss was deep, you could feel the desire that he had for her. It had been awhile and she welcomed it. Mark broke the kiss and then dragged his bags into the house and closed the door.

Dawn asked him if he was glad that he was home and he had said yes.  He then went about placing his bags in the corner and pulling some clothes out of his dresser to change into. Mark then went into the bathroom and took a shower. With the water running, Dawn went about first making Mark something to eat a sandwich he was sure to enjoy after a trip overseas. She then started to unpack his bag.

Mark came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and told Dawn – Don’t do that, it will be taken care of later.  He then sat down and enjoyed his sandwich. Dawn was not sure what to do, so she sat in front of her computer and wasted the time with checking her Facebook and email. When Mark was done eating. He then went over to his bags and pulled out several small sacks. Gifts he had brought home. Dawn loved them all and thanked Mark with another deep kiss. She was concerned though as he had not forced his normal sexual advance upon her. She was wet having not had him inside her for quite some time. She was actually horny and could not wait to get Marks cock inside her. She decided to initiate with reaching down and stroking his manhood over his jeans. He was hard.

Dawn had missed how hard Mark got. His shaft was like a steal pole. He then grabbed her, and lifted her skirt. He gently rubbed his rough strong hands over her love mound. She kissed him again as he slide his fingers between her slit and rubbed her clit. She almost came right there. He then lead her into the bedroom where he pulled her down on the bed.

He helped her remove all of her clothing exposing her naked body to him. He then pressed against her as he kissed her deeply and rubbed every inch of her body. Like her wanted to ensure he touched every spot on her. He paid close attention to her slit, rubbing deep between her moist pussy lips, rubbing her clit just the way she liked brought her close to cumming again. He then started to play with Dawn tits, first rubbing her full breasts, then rubbing her nipples. He then leaned down and sucked on each them softly and deeply. Almost bringing her whole breast deep into his mouth.

Dawn wanted him and started to pull on Mark’s clothes and he obliged and started to remove them. Before long he was naked and over her. She moved her legs apart welcoming him into her. He slid into her smoothly. No need for lubricant as she had plenty dripping out of her.  He moved slowly at first, and only picking up his rhythm a little as her breath shortened and she could feel her own cunt gripping at Marks cock. Within minutes he pushed in deep and held it, as his seed spewed deep and hard inside her.

The hard hot cum hitting her cervix sent her over the edge and she erupted into a loud screaming orgasm.  Within minutes, they regained their breath, and Dawn snuggled up against Mark. She was happy and content. She knew it had been ages since Mark made love to her like that and she could have asked for more. Next thing she knew, she slowly drifted off to sleep.


I am still new to this and trying to get up to speed on when to work on these and upload.

Our Sunday evening consisted of me working on ways to fill Dawn up. I think we succeeded. However, i pulled out a little early and shot over her head to drop a spot on her glasses. Aim was just right.

And this is a our first Sinful Sunday. Hope you all enjoy..

Welcome.. My Visions!!


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You never know what to stay when you start writing. May it be a letter to a lover, a note to a friend, writing a novel? Well this is true of starting a blog as well. This is the first thing that people will read and decide if you are even worth reading later. So with all my limited experiences and expertise which is nothing, I will venture forward and start writing a blog. A blog of sex, thoughts, fantasies, ideas, facts, etc…  You get the picture; these will be my visions in my mind that I am going to share with all of you…

So let’s start.

First off, this is a mature content site. Adults only please. Topics will include, Sex, Fetishes, BDSM, BBW, and other forms of sexual perversion… Enjoy!!!

This is what I want and strive for. A picture of a woman, with a collar & nipple clamps. Could life be any better?

Sorry, had to censor her tattoo. lovely as it is, people could recognize it. But so that you can all image it, it is a tat of a Celtic “M” which is the letter of my first name. Yes Real pic, of real wife..

My goal for this blog is to share our life experiences with anything and everything else. Most of the writing will be around my evil sex thoughts, but who cares right? It’s my blog and i can do what i want, :) ..

Well enjoy and we will see what happens…


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