Our first submission for Scavenger Hunt. Thanks to Dee  for the inspiration on Scavenger Hunt.

We are so excited to join this ranks and offer some great submissions.

Our first one will be car wash.

The other day, we of course needed to take a trip through the car wash due to one of our many adventures. Of course we will post them here for you all to see later. But for now, wanted to join in our first ever , ” Hey Hon, Grab he camera out of the glove box.”
A couple of snaps later, and a quick dip in the honey hole, and we were ready to race home for some more private action.

Had to wait for the suds level to get in our shots.

And once we were covered with soap, the snaps began.

Thanks Dawn for the show and we will continue sharing our stories and pictures with everyone else!

See who else is playing: