Most people are afraid to take a stroll through a cemetery, but not us. Then again, it was late afternoon and nowhere near dark. But on these hot blistering days in the mid west, what else is there to do to get out of the house. With great joy and excitement, Dawn agreed to a new challenge for adding to the scavenger hunt. I think we want to reach the next level pretty soon, so we ventured out to a cemetery that we had been to before. This time alone, and with the heat, was sure that no one would see us out in the open like that.

It was late afternoon; both of us had finished work for the day so we ventured out. We drove about 30 minutes to find the place, although not hard to find as it is in a pretty open area.

Once there we made our way around the small cemetery and clicked our first photo.

Wouldn’t you know it, a car drove by on the main road just as we took the first photo! But once they were gone, a quick suggestion led to the first flash.

We then walked around some and found a nice place for dawn to take a quick seat. Since she was wearing nothing, it lead to another quick peek at the fun still to cum… hehehe, word usage..

Well with that out of the way, it was a simple slip of the dress and then a great shadowed sun shot that we shared with Sinful Sunday called “In the Sun!!” but will share again here.

With that I could take it no longer. I pressed Dawn to the headstone and quickly entered her from behind. The loud groans where only masked by the singing crickets in the distance.

That was awesome.

Dawn then quickly dressed as I slid back into my shorts. Where to next time? To soon to tell, but hopefully we will venture out again this weekend.

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